Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nutritional Therapy right for me?

It's not for everyone. 


You must be willing to make a healthy lifestyle change and you will be asked to eliminate certain foods such as refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, vegetable oils, soy, refined carbohydrates, and processed foods, and possibly gluten, grains, dairy, etc. if it pertains to your individual protocol.


I want my clients to be successful, but they will only see progress if they follow my protocols precisely. If you are unwilling to make dietary and lifestyle changes, nutritional therapy may not be for you.


If you are unsure if I can help you, please contact me or email to discuss your situation.​​

Do you work with vegetarians?

I recommend a diet with healthy fat and complete protein from animal sources, as well as plenty of fresh vegetables.


However, I totally respect any religious, moral, and ethical objections you may have to eating animal foods. I am willing to work with vegetarians to make sure they are getting proper nutrients. This may require a more regimented diet and supplementation.


If the reason for choosing a vegetarian diet is for health or environmental reasons, I will make an attempt to educate on the nutrient-density of pasture-raised meat and wild-caught fish and seafood, and how sustainably sourced meats and permaculture are actually beneficial for the environment. We agree that factory-farmed animals are neither good for your health or the environment, but you do actually have a choice to source food that would benefit both.


I consider myself a "conscious carnivore" (I actually dabbled in veganism before realizing it was negatively impacting my health) and always recommend responsibly-raised animal products with high animal welfare standards. Factory farmed and CAFO-raised conventional animal products are not only horribly inhumane, but are also less healthful and not as nutrient-dense.

Do you accept insurance?

No. Like most holistic and functional practitioners, my services are not supported by the current healthcare model and therefore it is futile for me to deal with insurance companies. If you have an HSA, you may be able to get services and/or supplements covered, but you will need to work with your insurance provider separately. You can use your HSA card to purchase supplements on Fullscript.

Do you barter?

I am willing to barter my services. Please contact me or email​

Can I stop taking my prescribed medications?

No. You must discuss this with your doctor. Please let your doctor know you are working with a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Sometimes when you change your diet, you will need to adjust your dosages and medications, but please consult your doctor before doing so. Let him/her know in advance that you will be making dietary changes.

Can I bring my child in for an appointment?

Yes, we do work with children, but the parent or guardian will have to sign a waiver and must be present during the entire appointment.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

Please see our complete Refund & Cancellation Policy.


How can I reorder my supplements?

All supplements can be purchased on Fullscript. All supplements purchased on Fullscript are 10% off MSRP and shipping is free with $50+ purchase.

It is in your best interest to refrain from ordering supplements from Amazon is great for a lot of things, but there has been issues with re-sellers on Amazing selling imitation or expired professional-grade supplements. Because there is no way to verify the validity of these supplements, it's best to not purchase professional, pharmaceutical-grade supplements on Amazon.​

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