• Amy Raimondi, NTP, MLIS

Don't "fall off the wagon" with your nutrition this holiday season

Take the scenic route instead.

Indulge in too many of your kids' Halloween treats? I'm not judging. But I would like to offer some advice: Don’t forget to take magnesium! Magnesium helps metabolism glucose.

Do you usually let a few pieces of halloween candy turn into 3 months of sugar, drinks, and refined carbs? Halloween kicks off a few months of holidays where people tend feel like they “fall off the wagon” (and inevitably get sick) and with that comes a tendency to completely abandon every healthy habit they have picked up. We stop taking our supplements, we stop exercising, we eat less vegetables and drink more alcohol, we’re getting less sunshine, we over-stress about things we can’t control (and don’t reign in the things we can). Then we punish ourselves in January with unsustainable and ineffective health strategies.

For some reason, it’s easy to say “I ate like crap so I’m not going to bother taking my supplements” or let one indulgent meal turn into an indulgent weekend which eventually turns into an indulgent month or two. This may happen during the holidays, other celebrations, or when traveling.

This is the wrong strategy. Now more than ever is when you should be making sure you’re taking your supplements. This is when you need them the most! I recommend vitamin D , magnesium, fish oil, and I would throw some vitamin C in there as well for adrenal and immune support. B vitamins probably wouldn’t hurt (beef liver capsules would be a great multi to include). I wouldn't start a strict gut healing protocol in December (maybe leave that for January) but you can still keep your nutrient stores up with maintenance supplements.

And there's no better way to recover from a sweet or indulgent meal than by following it up with a nutrient-dense bone broth-based soup with dark leafy greens (AKA my weekend recovery soup).

Instead of making your healthy habits mutually exclusive from your lifestyle indulgences, try to incorporate them. You might be surprised to find they can co-exist. One strategy is to leave it at the door. As soon as you exit the restaurant or party, leave everything you consumed at the door (metaphorically) and start fresh at the moment. Enjoy the experience for what it was, be grateful for the moment you got to share...and then move on.

Are you an abstainer or a moderator? I'm an abstainer and if you are also someone who feels like they are an “all or nothing” person, this might be new and uncomfortable, but try it. You don’t have to "fall off the wagon” this holiday season, but you also don’t have to remain on the straight and narrow (if you don’t want to...if you do and can--that's fantastic!). Instead, take the scenic route.

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